The Specialty…… Tables?

You’ve thought of everything. The cake, the stage, the entrance even to what desserts besides cake will be served after dinner and what Hora Loca song will be played.

But there’s one tiny detail you might have misplaced – The Specialty Tables.

The table that hold’s the 15 Candles, the table that is there to greet the guests first when you arrive, the table that holds the gifts. They are just as important to you event as the rest, which means they too, deserve a little TLC. Whether it be the use of an Acrylic Table, Marble Table or even a Specialty Table.

 Many quinceañeras include a candle-lighting ceremony in their celebration. This can be a very moving ceremony, as the birthday girl takes time to honor people who have been especially important in her life.

The quinceañera herself selects 15 people, often including her parents, siblings, other family members and close friends. Some girls simply choose their 14 damas and one extra person, such as her mother. During the ceremony, she devotes a candle to each one of them.

Sometimes specialty tables may be set up for other things that can be just important. Like gifts, jewelry, the change of shoes or similar. For example,

A Quinceañera sometimes will receive what’s known as the “last doll.” Some say this tradition came from Puerto Rico, while others claim it originated in Mexico. This is usually a porcelain doll, often dressed like the Quinceañera. Once again, it’s presented to her as a gift that signifies her passage into adulthood. Other gifts might include a Bible, a rosary, a cross or a medal, which are religious gifts. Some of these gifts may be given during a mass before the reception.

Also, during the Mass, grandparents or parents of the girl might give the Quinceañera 15 roses, with the stems signifying strength and the petals signifying sweetness. The family might also choose to give the birthday girl a tiara and scepter, signifying responsibility. In some cultures, a birthstone ring and a bracelet are traditional gifts that represent femininity and coming of age.

Any of these many items might be placed on Specialty Tables. So make sure that when you’re planning your next event to think of the smallest thing – even those simple tables. 

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