Happily Ever Barrett !

If you haven’t caught on yet with my previous posts, Yes .. This is a post about my very own wedding! I hope this will be of use for those of you planning a rustic chic wedding! I am HUGE on greenery & nature, but I also wanted to add elegance to my wedding so I came up with this little mix that you see in the pictures above. My color scheme was Rose gold, Blush, White & Greenery. It took a few trial and errors to see exactly what I wanted on my tables and at first I was loosing touch of my original idea because I was surrounded by so many beautiful linens & centerpieces. So don’t panic if you find yourself changing everything, it happens! All it took for me was listening to what my fiancé had to say ( reminder: although you might be doing all the planning, remember that they are part of it to ! ), He quickly reminded me of my original drawing board and everything from there was smooth sailing!  If you don’t want to attack your tables with so many metallics and colors, try using a white linen! It will open up the area and will make those little details really POP. Use the golds, silvers, rose golds, etc. on your charger plates, votives and little details! Don’t know what to do with your napkins? Pick the most important color of your color scheme and apply it to the napkins. Slowly but surely it will all start tying in together! If you want more advice, that’s what we are here for!!!



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