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Modern Decor
Luis Molina

Are Custom Dance Floors becoming a must?

For the last few years one thing is for certain, themed events are all the rave now. From customizing backgrounds, to choosing the flowers even down to the flowers everyone want some uniqueness to their party. I always tell my clients there is no limit to what we can custom make for your party. We like to always take in consideration budget and some items you get a lot of bang for your buck. The custom dance floor is not cheap when comparing it to other aspects but boy is it an impact and lets face it the majority of the party will happen here. So in all the photos and video it will be seen.

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Flower power-cover
Megan DeVita-Morales

Flower Power!

Here at Fantasy Designers we often get the statement “Well we don’t want it to look like a wedding” There’s usually discussions between the clients

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wedding Decorations stage miami fantasy designers
Megan DeVita-Morales

Stage or Not a Stage?

The question that I alongside everyone else here at Fantasy Designers gets on if not daily, weekly basis. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “need” as

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First Impressions

During the planning process, you might be so worried about all of the decor inside the ballroom that you might forget about the entrance or

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