Baby It’s “Cold” Outside

If you live in Florida then you know how we only get about 2 weeks of “Winter” in January. 

If you’ve ever attended one of Fantasy Designers Winter Wonderland parties then you also know how we can transform a room and make it seem like you’re enjoying Winter in Summer! 
One of the themes we are mostly known for happens to be Winter Wonderland & the pictures above speak for themselves. Our 14ft Gazebo catches the attention of everyone as soon as they step into the room & then follows our 12ft & 7ft LED winter trees. Out Winter stage is always so crisp and detailed, from covering the stage floor in white & adding snow caps at the edge of the stage, we make sure everything about it says winter and tells a story as a stage. To complete the look of a winter event, adding white satin draping around the entire room really captures the area and creates a new ambiance when the uplighting and snowflake gobo lights are added. Winter centerpieces such as silver willow arrangements, White manzanitas, etc. along with table settings consisting of whites, silvers & blues really tie in the theme throughout the room. If you’re looking to really WOW your guests, its never a bad idea to add a dry ice machine for your entrance & first dance or add in our snow machine and really captivate your guests!

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