May 14, 2020


Custom Sets
Megan DeVita-Morales

What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Elegant and Beautiful and that’s probably ever bit of word I can use to explain this particular client’s theme and style. When I first met Ileana and her gorgeous Daughter Christy, the vision they had was very clear – they wanted to embrace that “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” / Audrey Hepburn style.

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wedding ritz carlton decorations 2
Event Showcase
Luis Molina

Ritz-Carlton Wedding Decor

This is one of those events that just about everyone loves. Its clean, its elegant and it’s not over done. From the lace of the overlays, to the mirrors on the royal tables. The amber lighting around the room broken up by the static flora designs on the walls. The wrapped dance floor only cleaned up the room further and with the bride and grooms initials it was personalized. Even the bars were personalized……..

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Moulin Rouge
Megan DeVita-Morales

Alors, tu me retrouveras à Paris?

Gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya, da-da. It’s been 10 years since the fabulous Christina Aguilera alongside Pink, Lil’Kim and Mya release their famous song “Lady Marmalade” but the

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Quinceanera-Decorations-Marie Antoinette Venetian Theme-1600-500
Marie Antionette
Megan DeVita-Morales

A Venetian Masquerade

I’ll never forget the first day my client Evelyn walked in to the office for the first time. She came in with the most up-beat

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Daylin Molina

Pieces of My Love

Wedding. To some the very word might be terrifying. To others it’s a door to a daydream. And that’s exactly how it was for this

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Daylin Molina

All You Need Is Love!

The Beatles never stopped being iconic, their music & style continue inspiring us today! We have produced a few Beatles themed parties in the past

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