Vanessa and Luis’s Wedding

Back in 2006, the Gallardo family came to us to do their daughters quince decorations. The event was being held on the Biscayne Lady a party yacht which departs from downtown Miami. Well the event was a success and we became really close to the Gallardo’s. After many family trips together, dinners and other family events (like 2 older brothers weddings) we fast forward to 4/29/2017. Vanessa is the only daughter of a big family. With that said this event was on our radar because of how important to them and to us it was to make Vanessa’s dream wedding happen. My parents, my wife and I were attending the wedding as well. Not only do we have to impress the Gallardo family but I also have to make my parents proud. Let’s not forget this wedding is taking place at the Ritz Carlton in Coconut Grove, they have seen pretty amazing events themselves. So the pressure is on!!! After countless hours of preparation and planning. We put together one of my favorite events of all time. The bride wanted a combination of gold and white. We did two royal tables and with mirror tops and tons of candles. The flower arrangements consisted of hydrangeas, roses and phalaenopsis orchids. The stage was a simple double draping backdrop with acrylic steps. Everything set the Bride came to see her room. She was speechless and cried tears of joy. I was relieved. Power Parties was the DJ company playing music through out the night. The photography Miguel Ocque Photography and the video iVideo Creations. Here is the photos of the end result enjoy.